My Top 5 Male Characters In Anime♥♥♥♥♥


Why are anime guys so perfect? (´∀`)♡

Is it their perfectly styled hair? their vividly colored eyes? their perfect bodies? or simply, because they aren’t real? 

Here’s a list of my top 5 favorite male characters in anime! (don’t expect to see Kirito)



#5 Sato Tatsuhiro-Welcome to the NHK

Now I know he’s a disgusting pervert, but there’s something about him…maybe because we both struggle to function as normal human beings out in society? I sympathize with Sato a lot and he reminds me so much of myself it’s scary! (minus the perverted part XD)


#4 Izaya Orihara-Durarara!!!

Smart, cool, and good with a flickblade! what else is there to say?  he’s a popular character and it’s easy to see why. I don’t think he would ever notice me…(ᵕ̣̣̣̣̣̣﹏ᵕ̣̣̣̣̣̣)


#3 Ren Honjou-NANA

Ren is the typical “bad boy” punk rocker who is too cool and laid back. but deep down, he’s loving and cares about the poeple he’s close to. Back off groupies!!! (૭ ఠ༬ఠ)૭


#2 Nobuo Terashima-NANA

Yet another punk rocker guy from Nana. He’s not as cool as Ren, but he seems a little more personable and affectionate. 


#1 Vincent Law-Ergo Proxy

This man goes through the biggest transformation, from a shy dorky looking desperate immigrant, to a  good-looking badass! I’d feel safe having him around, knowing he can turn into a powerful Proxy and kick some ass. He’s also very caring and is all around a solid character.


Ergo Proxy My Interpretation

With it’s 10 year anniversary this year, Ergo Proxy is by far, my all time favorite anime. EP’s visuals still hold up, although, I wish it wasn’t so damn dark all the time…is it just my TV/Computer screen or did the creators purposely make it this dark? Hopefully the upcoming Blu Ray release will fix this problem^^ (time to start saving some $)


So I’m writing this post today to explain to the best of my knowledge what this beautiful anime is all about! A lot of people become very confused and sadly, drop the anime without really giving it a chance.

I’m going to try and make this very brief and uncomplicated as possible (because I’ll leave that to the anime itself)

My interpretation:  SP0IL3RZ!!

Like I said, this will be a VERY brief interpretation. Because if I go into every detail, it’ll be a loooong read and I just want to make things simple here.

So basically, the whole story is that humans had to flee Earth because of a huge methane hydrate explosion that led to rapid climate change a looooong time ago…(the anime takes place in the year 7207) and made Earth uninhabitable. The humans that fled created Proxies to do their dirty work by creating domes and cities with “people” and these “people” created robots called Autoreivs. But it took a little longer to accomplish this than calculated by the original humans. They made the Proxies imperfect and gave them souls, thus, the Proxies “children” AKA fake humans, were made imperfect aswell. (the fake humans cannot reproduce) Once the Earth starts to become “normal”, the Proxies will kill off their creations (fake humans) then die off when they’re exposed to the sun. The original humans will come back down to Earth and have cities and a nice place to live without those pesky Proxies and fake humans.

The whole thing is just a selfish act on the original humans part… The poor Proxies have to kill off their creations and sacrifice themselves to make room for the REAL humans lazy asses… I hope Vincent (Ergo Proxy) kills off the original humans as revenge! I bet they weren’t expecting a Proxy to still be alive 😉